Sunday, October 23

Stewart Falls

Last weekend we were able to hike to Stewart Falls again. Some of our favorite friends, Natalie and Jeremy, invited us to go with them. Although at first we didn't really want to go (not because we don't like them but because we were feeling lazy and sitting around the house all day had made us even more lazy) but once we actually got out of the house we felt 10 times better. And the crisp fall air and the fall leaves and the exercise made the hike even better.

It was a beautiful and wonderful hike, and one that I'll definitely want to do again in the fall. Hope you enjoyed some of our pictures from the afternoon.


  1. These pictures are gorgeous! What a fun hike!

  2. How fun! I want to go on more hikes and there are a TON here in Colorado! And congrats on getting a house! That will be exciting! When do you close? Also you should set up your Blogger Profile to have your email address on it so I can reply to your comments :) Anyways CONGRATS! So exciting!!!