Monday, October 31

Camping - Distraction

Yesterday we decided we needed to distract ourselves (from the home wait - will post more on that soon). Nate only had to work for about 4 hours yesterday so he was able to come home early and pack up our car so that we could go camping. As soon as I got home from work, I grabbed some supplies from the bathroom and a change of clothes, and we were off.

We headed to our favorite camping spot in, Scofield. Thankfully there were hardly any people up there, so we were able to go to "our spot" but we were disappointed that the leaves seem to have fallen off all the Aspen trees early this year and there was even a little snow on the ground (I guess that explains the lack of people). We got there and it was already dark, but we decided to sleep in our ice fishing tent, and it is very easy to set up.

Although it was really cold, as long as we were by the fire we were fine. And the ice fishing tent, kept us, our air mattress and the pup nice and snug and we even had just enough room to put our heater in the tent. With the help of the cozy tent and our warm dual person sleeping bag we were comfortable to sleep all night, even with temperatures around 20 degrees.

The next morning we were able to warm up again by the fire. For our meals we had hot dogs cooked over the fire, with potstickers boiled in the dutch oven. We even had doughnuts warmed over the fire for dessert. For breakfast we had our usual breakfast burritos, we cooked ham and eggs in the dutch oven and heated the tortillas on the lid.

Shortly after breakfast we cleaned up and headed home, after shooting the air rifle at a few empty cans. All in all it was a successful trip.

Its now Monday and we're a few days closer to getting our home. And hopefully Halloween festivities today will distract us a little more.

We didn't get any pictures Friday because it was too dark. But here are a few from our Saturday morning escapades.

Nate cleaning up our tent.

Kisses. Look at Aspen exploring in the back.

Family photo.

Self Timer. Quick the battery was dying.

Aspen was such a good boy and let me take a picture of him with Nate's hat on.

So he got rewarded with a doughnut.

Mama and Pup.

Fetching a tennis ball.

Peek a boo.

Ready to go home. Aspen looks ripped.

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