Friday, November 25

Our home - updated

We are finally (almost) completely settled in our home. There are still one or two or three boxes that need to be unpacked and put away, but they are doing just fine sitting in our "storage rooms" We got most of pictures and decorations hung on the walls this week too. We had a lot of free time this week because I didn't have school to teach, and we were able to get lots of things around the home done. We even did some yard work this week. Raking leaves, power washing the house, building a fire pit with spare bricks that were left. So our house is finally coming together and we think it might just be the coziest thing ever. We are so happy coming home to OUR HOME after work, and it helps that its so close to work as well.

And for your pleasure (and journal keeping), here are a few pictures of the updates. :)

kitchen table. and a pup!
kitchen, leading to the garage
living/sitting room.

electric fireplace. so warm.
work out room.
office. its still a little messy, its being used to hold extra pictures and things  that I don't know where to put, haha. And I've been using the desk for crafts.
our closet.
upstairs bathroom

why, hello :)

guest bedroom. so come stay with us!
fly tying and sewing room.
family room.
our new couch. so nice and so comfy!
downstairs bathroom.
laundry room. it even has its own microwave so we can pop corn while watching movies.

So there you have it. Our humble abode. What do you think?

I'll put up outside pictures tomorrow (I don't have the camera with me now to upload the pictures to the computer)


  1. Looks great!!! Love the shower curtain!!!

  2. I made the Berrett sign! Looks good, nice decorating I like!

  3. This is so cute I can't stand it! You're so lucky to have a home!