Saturday, November 26

Outside Pics of the House

Although by last night you couldn't tell, I spent at least an hour or two raking the leaves in the front and back yard. Of course the wind decided it needed to blow yesterday and knock half of the leaves from our tree back on to the ground so that it doesn't look like I did any work.

This separate area was blocked off with two layers of these bricks, and we decided to use about half of them to build a fire pit. We will be building a cheap fence in the spring to separate this area (so the pup can't get in) and plant a garden in there.

We had a fire in our fire pit the same night we built it. We roasted some marshmallows and enjoyed the heat, while Aspen enjoyed stomping out some of the rogue ashes.

We have two of these Bradford Pear trees in our yard. And although most other trees in the area changed colors months ago, our trees are just reaching their peak now. The colors are absolutely astounding.

A view of the front of our house. You can see both of our Bradford Pear trees in all their glory, and the mountain looks beautiful behind. We have such an amazing view of the mountains from our home, and we live only about 5 minutes from the canyon entrance. Perfection.

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