Tuesday, November 6


About a week ago Nate decided he wanted to eat vegetarian for 3 weeks. Three because Thanksgiving wouldn't allow him to do for, and we can't really miss Thanksgiving. Well, since I put it on my list I decided after eating a vegetarian lunch on Sunday (butternut squash soup, salad and bread) that I would start my 2 weeks now as well. 

I kept making excuses that other people would be cooking for me, so I wouldn't be able to choose what I eat, and about events that were happening, that would be serving meat, but I figured in the end it'll be much easier for me to do this at the same time as Nate, then to do it by myself.

So far, so good. I'm only on day 3 of 14, but I feel good. I haven't noticed an increase in energy from eating more veggies yet, but I hope it comes. I'm also making sure with all our Halloween candy around NOT to eat tons of that a day, because that would definitely negate the effects of this healthy eating. 

I don't think I would ever become completely vegetarian. I'm not against eating animals. But I do think its better for me to eat more fruits and vegetables. And I think I could try eating vegetarian dinners at least couple days a week to reduce the amount of eat I eat and also the amount of money I spend. Meat is expensive! 

Also, we want to cut back red meat. We rarely eat steak or anything like that, but we do eat a lot of ground beef. I think it would be good if we did 2 vegetarian days, 2 chicken days, 1 salmon day (that's right, I agreed to eat salmon once a week), 1 day beef, 1 day pork. That's my goal for the future. 

But for now, 12 more days vegetarian. Or 16 if I decided to go to Thanksgiving with Nate. 

Wish me luck!

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  1. Where is the butternut squash recipe? Please share and good luck.