Tuesday, December 4

Thanksgiving 2012

My parents, grandma Brinkman and Marta (a foreign exchange student living with my parents - from Italy) drove up for Thanksgiving and stayed at our house for a few days. It is so nice that Nate and I have a house big enough to host family, even if they didn't all get their own full room. Even having 4 extra people we still had plenty of hot water and laughs to go around.

Thanksgiving dinner was at my aunt Cherie's house this year.With all of my dad's siblings, their spouses, children and great grand children it was a full house with about 55 people. But don't worry we were still able to get a group picture.

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious. Mom and I each made a pie. I made a berry custard pie, that I think turned out delicious.

Friday I worked a half day (Nate worked all day), and then I went with my parents, grandma and Marta to the mall to do some black Friday shopping. I was able to get a few things for great prices. And came home with about a dozen things for about 75 dollars, including belts, headbands, shirts, shoes and more.

We spent Friday night with my Garrett extended family again at the stake center in Alpine playing games with the family. Including pictionary, human foosball and more. It was a blast.

Saturday evening we had my Brinkman cousins over to our house for a "pie night". This included pizza pie and dessert pies. For this I made a caramel apple pie that was the best apple pie I've ever had. And it was great company too.

Sunday night we all drove up to the temple to see the Christmas lights. Luckily it wasn't too cold of a night, and it wasn't too crowded either. But the lights were as gorgeous as ever.

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