Tuesday, January 7

2014 Goals

I have made some goals for the next year.... things I want to focus on, things I want to do. And of course the number one thing on my list is to give birth to a healthy baby boy this May.

At this point I think I would be okay with baby boy coming a few days late just because it would give us some more time to plan and Nate a little more time to look for a job after he graduates at the beginning of that month. But I'm sure as I get closer and closer I will be ready to have him out of me. And really, I already wish I could give him a little snug.

But anyway, here is my list of goals for the year, they may change as life changes. But this is what I want to do.

1) Give birth to a healthy baby boy
2) Go to the dentist
3) Get my eyes checked
4) Run a 5k
5) Eventually get back to pre pregnancy weight

1) Have xxx in savings (you don't need to know how much money we have)
2) Pay at least 5,000 towards student loan debt

1) Go to the temple at least 2 times
2) Pay a full tithe
3) Read the Book of Mormon

1) Get blog to at least 150,000 views a month
2) Get at least $500 a month from blog ads or sponsored posts

1) Clean out baby room closet
2) Take extra clothes and misc items to DI
3) Paint baby room
4) Paint guest room
5) Organize under the stairs - add a light

1) Take a cooking class
2) Read 10 books

And that's all I've got for right now. I think its good to have things for us to focus on and work towards even if we don't accomplish our goals exactly to the T. I just know I want to improve myself this year to make myself a better person, a better wife and a good mama!


  1. I remember a lot of rocking a baby and reading when I didn't want to move after the baby fell asleep even to put him/her back in the crib.

  2. Wow, $500.00 a month for blogging. That is great for something so fun you can do. I hope it happens.