Monday, January 3


Before we even got back east we decided we would spend the day of Monday in Baltimore with my family. It took us about an hour and a half to get to their home. Anthony and Jana live in the cutest row home with a porch and a balcony. And they have the cutest fluffy kittens living under their porch and I wanted to steal them.

Anyway, first we went to lunch at Cafe Hon. Which is this cute Baltimorian place, where they name the food after words and phrases that they say in Baltimore. I got a delicious turkey and bacon sandwich and everyone else's food looked delish too. 

Then we headed over to the Baltimore aquarium, which is way too expensive but was really cool too. They have this awesome area where you walk down a few levels of a ramp with a tank surrounding you. The tank had different fish and sharks. We also went to the dolphin show, which was cool but a little too environmental preachy, I wish the dolphins did more tricks, they only did a few.

I wanted to stick my finger in the middle of these

excited for the dolphin show

the only real jump any of the dolphins did

we were on the ramp level above them

some of the fish inside the tank that surrounded us

and a saw tooth shark too

inside a ____ mouth

now our turn

Mom and Dad's too

close up

When we got outside the sunset was gorgeous, so we snapped a couple shots. The evening air was so brisk and cold that we couldn't stay long and hurried back to the car.

love kissing my honey

see. beautiful.

 We ate dinner and had a birthday celebration for Zoe. She absolutely loved eating the frosting off her cupcake, or at least she loved wiping it all over her hands and face. We wore birthday hats and sang to her to celebrate. She is such a cute 1 year old.
Not so sure about the birthday hat

But very excited for cupcake


tasting the frosting

the party goeers

and more (plus of course I was there)

now she's really enjoying it

No, Zoe, don't touch your face. (Don't worry she was promptly given a bath afterward -which she loves)
We had a great time in Baltimore. I hope Nate and I can make it back sometime while Anthony and Jana and Zoe still live there.

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