Thursday, January 6


Because we sat around for a lot of our vacation back east, when the whole Berrett family was available Thursday we decided we should drive a couple hours to see one of the cool places close by. We decided on Gettysburg, which I hadn't been to in at least 12 years and it had been a while for most the family too.

I think if I lived on the east coast I would be a lot more familiar with civil war history and all the different battles. Unfortunately though I have never, and I'm no history buff, so my knowledge of the subject is minimal. But, I still enjoyed seeing the monuments and memorials for all those who lost their lives or were wounded.

Here are a few pictures from the outing:

Although it was cold, it was a pretty day.

The whole gang (L to R): Sandi, Matt, Me, Nate, Dain, Ethan and Taylor

I couldn't believe how many unknown bodies were there. This was just one set.


  1. Aim, it is so beautiful there! There's something about the east coast. I'm telling you. What a cool place to go and see. You guys look great!

  2. Your pictures are great. Who took the family picture. That is really nice to get one of the whole gang. They really are beautiful pictures.