Monday, January 17

Once upon a time (aka March 2009), I wrote a list of 56 things I want to do before I die.

I have accomplished 8 of them, guess I've got a few more to go.

1. Marriage in the Temple
              June 26, 2010
5. Graduate from Uni
              December 17, 2010
9. Shoot a Gun
              December 18, 2010
14. Own and Raise my Own Pet (or a family pet)
              November 1, 2010
15. Submit Photography in Contest
31. Kiss in the Rain
44. Pull an All Nighter
49. Catch a Fish (again)

Now I want to make a list with Nate, of things we want to accomplish before we die.

What are some things on your 'bucket list'?


  1. I have created a "bucket list" for the next year with scott. It's pretty simple:

    1)go to Moab
    2)spend a weekend at Lake Havasupai (check it out...SO beautiful)

    It's short, but I have been wanting to do both of these things for the last few years and have not taken the time so far.

    ps, we need to get together asap! We would love to ice fish with you guys sometime,

  2. I want to get a PhD in something....ANYTHING, before I die. That's long term, but in the short term I want to finish the Book of Mormon and come visit my favorite daughter-in-law and her handsome husband. I can check off the last two by the end of this month:)