Tuesday, January 11

Cone Head

As many of you may know, our poor puppy got "fixed" last Wednesday causing him to need to wear a cone around his head (to make sure he doesn't bite or lick his stitches and reopen something up). We were told he needed to wear the cone for 5-7 days, so we decided last night we could save him and take it off.

The day Aspen had his surgery, he was SO out of it. He was so tired and wouldn't move very much, his eyes were droopy, and he was whining so much. Poor puppy!

The next couple days he started to get a little more used to having a cone on, but still hit everything and everyone as he walked/ran around the house.

The last few days he could finally walk up the stairs on his own (he learned he needed to hold his head high) and he wasn't running into everything, only a few things.

Finally last night we took the cone off, and I was so happy to see my cute puppy again. He looks so much cuter without being a cone-head and I could finally snug him tight again.

He really is leaning as much as the picture looks. This is the first day when he was MEGA drugged.

Poor baby trying to take the cone off.
On Sunday we decided to head up to deer creek reservoir, try our hand at ice fishing (though we didn't catch anything - because we didn't use our tent we couldn't see in the water and have no idea if fish swam by or not) and give Aspen a chance to run around. We weren't supposed to leave him outside very long (after the surgery) because the area wasn't allowed to get cold, so he wasn't getting as much exercise as he's used to.

He loved the snow that was there. There were feet of fluffy snow and he loved jumping in it (and we loved throwing him in it). He also loved running around on the ice (it wasn't too slippery due to a couple of inches of snow on top) and he probably got more exercise than he's ever gotten in his life, because he was running around so much.  We're guessing he ran 1-1.5 miles, wow!

Even with the cone, he could still fetch a frisbee.

Still so cute!

The frozen lake.

Dropping in a worm.

Cute, hah!

Love my baby pup.


  1. you two are so cute. and so is Aspen. hope you are doing wonderfully :)

  2. He is cute. I miss my dog,but happy to have my two cats. They are so much easier to take care of and don't run off like Sport use to.